5 Minutes with Vie Activist Lee Bachar

  • Why is Vie Active one of your top choices for active wear? I like the feel of natural vibes on my skin and its important for me that what I wear looks good, especially when teaching, but even if it is just for my own practice. Vie Active offer the best combination of a lovely feel with a fantastic look!
  • What are the benefits of wearing this range when training? I'm supporting a local brand that utilises local merino wool and that is great in it self!
  • How does this enhance your workout? and post workout? The elasticity of fabric allows great freedom of movement. In yoga we practice lots of twists and stretching and the fabric we wear needs to support that range of movements. It's also breathable and absorbing so you don’t get that sweaty and wet sensation you do with synthetic fabrics. 
  • How does wearing the range make you feel? Like I am in my own skin :) it has a really nice light feel. I wear my tops even when i don't practice. it keeps me worm in winter as an under-layer and now that i'm in israel and its super hot and humid, it keeps me cool and dry.
  • What are your favourite pieces from the range? The scoop tanks, I have them in all colours!!!
  • Sunrise or Sunset workout? Sunset
  • Typical workout: 5-10 min centring  and grounding with pranayama, 15 min worm up:  sun salutation (suryanamaska 1+2), 30 min vinyasa sequence (standing postures, back bends, forward bends, twists and inversions), 10 min relaxation: corpse pose (savasana)
  • What's your ultimate healthy meal? Indian thali
  • What are your makeup must-haves? Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation, Bobby brown shimmer brick compact bronze, black mascara
  • What's always in your yogabag? Yoga mat
  • Best active holiday you're ever taken?The Himalayan mountains, Nepal and India
  • What totally relaxes you? Yoga nidra
  • What's your biggest vice? Shopping
  • What was the last thing you recommended a friend? A facial treatment with Claudia at Arian Inden in Mosman.
  • What's always in your fridge? Cucumbers and parsley
  • What would be surprised to find in your fridge? Soft drinks
  • Your style icon: Gwyneth Paltrow 
  • Your "healthy living" hero: I don't have one
  • The wardrobe item you can't live without: handbag
  • The book on your bedside table right now: Fifty Shades Freed. Everyday Blessings The inner work of Mindful Parenting.
  • Three things on your bucket listLive next to my family in Israel, help people in need, visit Tibet 
  • Your latest obsession: Antique ring
  • Number one reason for living an active life: Well being 

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