The Benefits Of Working Out With Your BFF: Holly Perkins

Posted on 22 August 2016


During Vancouver Peace Summit in 2010, the Dalai Lama said something that ricocheted around the globe. He said that he is a feminist...and that he believed the world would be saved by the Western woman.

Without looking too deep into this statement, to me this speaks to the untapped power, magnificence and magic of women in general.

I honestly don’t know how I would survive without my #Girl Squad. The women in my life make me feel connected; normal in light of – not despite – my whacky tendencies; and optimistic about the endlessly uncertain future.

Lani helped me through the toughest phase in my life, Jill is the bright light that never dims, Kelli reminds me of the power of unconditional love, and Cindy shows the power of “team.” My life is good because of these women.

I love my solo work out time; and yet, I get such a rush whenever I get to work out with a girlfriend. I guess this speaks to my balanced introvert/extrovert personality. I need both in order to feel balanced and inspired. Can you relate? Do you prefer working out solo? Or with a friend?


There’s no question about the benefits of working out with a Bestie:

  1. It’s more fun! Even Lani, my most introverted friend, comes out of her shell when we work out together. I know she laughs and plays more when we hit the gym together. Somehow, even workouts feel like playtime.

  2. This research study proves that your brain gets a positive boost in chemicals from emotional support. Yep, this means that your brain actually changes for the better any time you lean on a friend.

  3.  My friend Jill’s body has changed drastically since we became friends three   years ago. Jill has the wonder and curiosity of a little kid and follows me around the gym, learning and mimicking everything that I do. Without giving her direct and explicit direction, she has simply adopted everything that I do. And she’s more fit because of it! Working out with a friend allows you to learn and grow from each other’s knowledge.

  4. Cindy is...uh-hem...many years younger than me, and seems to never run out of steam. I, on the other hand, often run out of steam – or so I think. On the days when I feel tired by life, Cindy pushes me to work a little bit harder. She says: “Come on mama; you can do this.” She reminds me that I can do just a little bit more than I have been asking of myself. When you work out with a friend that knows you well, they know how to remind you of your true abilities. They push you just a bit harder than you would if you were alone!

  5. I think it’s officially part of our culture that our lives are lived, in part, via social media. The thing that I love most about social media is that it’s a way to share my passion with my friends. Facebook and Instagram are such great tools to share your life with your friends, and in turn, keep up with their lives. Whenever Kelli and I work out together, she always spots the great photo opps. I feel like I have my very own paparazzo that knows just the perfect photo to share. I always seem to get amazing photos after a workout with a friend.                       

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