QnA with Health and Fitness Blogger, Foodie-ness

Posted on 30 August 2015

We caught up with Carolina aka @foodie_ness over virtual green smoothies to find about her active life over in The Netherlands. 

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself - how did you get into fitness?
    Hi, hello, hey! My name is Carolina, 26 years old and located in Amsterdam. How I got into fitness? Simple and true story: I broke up with my boyfriend and so together with my (single) roomie we thought it was about time to kick-start our body & mind. We found a personal trainer and that’s where it all started. Since then I lost 13kg, decreased my body fat, gain muscle mass and feel a lot of positive energy and happiness all day - every day! My skin looks better, my body is stronger and the results are remarkable. That’s how I got into fitness and that’s what keeps me into fitness.

    2. What is your active life mantra?
    Dream. Do. Discipline. And again, and again, and again

    3. What does a usual week’s workout schedule look like to you?
    I train at least 5 times a week and when my weekend activities allows it, I take my chance to hit a 6th round! I prefer to do 3 times weight training in the gym; 1. Lower body (legs and bum) 2. Upper body (arms, chest, shoulders, back) 3. Core (just love it!). The other workouts I go for a cardio training and that’s HIIT.

    4. And diet, do you follow anything in particular?
    I make my own food schedule and try to make a new one every 6-8 weeks. My calorie intake is around 1700 calories per day and it’s divided over 5-6 smaller meals per day. 40% carbs, 32% fat and 28% protein. I’m a morning gym freak, so my breakfast routine is scheduled around that to let my pre-workout meal and post-workout meal contribute to my performances.

    5. Can you share a quick workout with us?
    Whenever I’m short in time and I still want to complete a workout and feel satisfied, I go for a running HIIT! This is the best! 5 min. warming up, 12 times a 100 m. sprint and 5 min. cool down. To vary I take my bike, or do a stairs workout outdoor, swimming, etc.

    6. What are your top 5 tips to help your body refresh, renew and recharge?
    1. Exercise
    2. Eat clean (no sugars and don’t skip breakfast!)
    3. Drink enough water
    4. Rest and sleep 8 hours per day
    5. Smile

    7. How important are recovery practices such as stretching, foam rolling
    etc. in your fitness routine?

    I prefer to take 1-2 rest days in a week. It’s very important for your body to recover, recharge and refresh. Also I’m a big fan of foam rolling as it’s a great way to massage your muscles and to release muscle tightness and knots. This is extremely beneficial and can avoid many injuries.

    8. What are your favourite healthy hang outs where you live?
    I live in Amsterdam and there are many healthy and organic food spots! I absolutely love to visit Yoghurt Barn and I love it so much that we’re currently talking about a “Foodie-ness special” in their shop. My own customized Yoghurt Barn for all the Foodie-ness followers, how cool would that be
    J Maybe we should discuss shipping worldwide ha ha!

    9. At Vie Active we celebrate the notion of being FLAWSOME, being perfectly imperfect and embracing it - what makes you FLAWSOME?
    I totally agree on the concept of FLAWSOME and I can only support the and encourage this notion. Nowadays girls get so caught up in “being perfect” with all the “perfect” daily Instagram pictures. Living healthy, eating clean and being active should be a way to feel better, instead of becoming more insecure. With Foodie-ness I try to highlight that imperfections are perfect! That’s the best! By showing my imperfections (I’m addicted to pizza on Sunday, can’t ignore my peanut butter cravings the whole week, in the evening I rather chill out at home than at the gym) I hope I can empower girls to believe in their selves and know that it’s ok to have weaknesses. We all have them! So why not help each other out? I want to strengthen girls in their mind power to overcome weaknesses or so called “imperfections”, so the power to embrace them and realize body dreams will come itself. That’s FLAWSOME! Oh and here we go again: Dream. Do. Discipline ;-)

    With love,

    IG: @foodie_ness
    FB: @Foodie-ness
    E: carolina@foodie-ness.com
    Hashtag: #foodie_ness

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