Noa's Strong Woman Workout

Posted on 17 May 2015

Our Co Founder Noa Ries, a former PT takes us through her 5 favourite sculpting moves that work all the right 'bits' from your arms to your butt and back.

She believes compound movements are the key to getting a sculpted and strong body quickly and are the best types of exercises as your brain has to focus on several movements rather than clock-watching!

For a super effective HIIT Workout try each of these exercises for 1 minute on/ 20 seconds off and do 3-6 rounds! Trust us this workout is a killer!


Move 1: Weighted Squat Curl & Press
It works the whole body - glutes, core, arms and shoulders! Be sure to keep the weight in your heels, keep your knees aligned above your heels and pull your belly button in to the spine the whole time. I like to do them fairly slowly, counting four breaths on the way down and also on the way up.
Squat down until your thighs are close to parallel to the floor and then as you are standing do a bicep curl and then lift the weight above your head being careful to watch your spinal alignment, making sure your lower back does not sag and your core stays tight.

You can do this with either a medicine ball, dumbbell or a willing toddler :)

Move 2: Jump lunge and Squat Jump Combo
This move is my nemesis. I hate it but I do it because I know it's so effective. Plyometrics are an awesome to add to your workout. The combination of explosive movement with strength tones, and burns calories. The only difference between this and a squat jump is that you land in a lunge each time. Do it repeatedly for 45 seconds. 

Move 3: Plank Raise
I find holding a plank for a minute rather boring. I am a total type A personality and sitting (lying in this case) still for even 60 seconds is kind of unbearable for my brain. So I like to multi task everything. When I am planking, I like to switch from being on my elbows to up on my hands, and then switch up the direction (right to left and then left to right). This works my arms plus core at the same time and while it's painful the minute goes by quicker.
Move 4: Burpees
Everyone's least favourite exercise but again so effective. If you are a beginner just start by walking out to your plank as opposed to exploding out into a plank. If you are advanced, add a jump (or tuck jump if you are super fancy) at the top of your burpee. 
Move 5: Hip bridge with leg lift
This is an awesome way to get your booty lifted. I have never heard a woman say she doesnt want a higher perkier butt.  Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips and your butt up and then lift one leg straight up, push your heel to the sky while thrusting your hips up . Repeat for 30 seconds each side. 
We hope you enjoyed it!

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