Noa Ries - How being a Mother has made her stronger and a better entrepreneur

Posted on 04 May 2015

Our Co Founder Noa Ries, is a bit of a Super Mum - she is not only a business owner and entrepreneur but also a mum to two gorgeous daughters aged 1 and 3. With Mother's Day approaching we wanted to share more about how she handles being a mother and a business owner and how becoming a mother has made her stronger.

1.     How has becoming a mother made you stronger?

 Well for starters, carrying two toddlers up and down the stairs and chasing after them has made me physically stronger! Also, making the time to see the world through my daughter's eyes gives me perspective and reminds me of what's important - this makes me mentally and emotionally stronger. 

2.     When have your daughters inspired you to be strong?

Seeing my eldest child in hospital when she was 5 months old and not knowing what was wrong made me feel so vulnerable but I also knew that for her, I had to be strong. 

3.     What are biggest takeaways you have learnt from becoming a mother?

Perspective (make time to stop and smell the roses, check out a caterpillar, collect rocks!) patience (it takes time to get out the door every day, it takes time and patience to negotiate with a toddler to eat breakfast and dinner), perseverance (remember that everything is a phase, nothing is permanent. Sleepless nights are not forever.) Funnily enough these are all skills that are required in abundance as an entrepreneur!!

4.     How do you balance a business and being a mother?

Morning Exercise is a non-negotiable for me. I plan and prioritise my workouts and make sure I get in at least 3 (ideally 5) each week. It's "Me time" but also makes me more productive and focused for the rest of the day. I feel happier and like a better mother, wife and business leader if I have worked out. 

5.     What are biggest lessons your mother has taught you?

Self-belief, confidence to think that anything is possible. The power of unconditional love. The beauty of a really good hug. My mum gives the best hugs. Hands down.  

6.     How do you think living an active life makes you stronger and a better mother?

As before, regular exercise makes me feel happier, more productive and focused. Eating healthy and clean food helps keep my blood sugar stable and and keep my energy levels up. 

7.     How do you plan to share your strength with your daughters?

Every day, I tell my daughters that they can be anything they want to be. I also share my love of health and fitness with my daughters by doing active things together with them - hikes, flying the kite, bike rides, scooter walks . I also share my love of healthy food and educate my daughters on little things like the fact that eating protein (chicken for example) helps us build strong muscles. 

8.     When you’re not feeling strong and confident, what do you to get back on track?

If I am exhausted and not feeling strong and confident, I put my sneakers on and just get out the door. Fresh air and a good play list always helps me to feel better. 
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