Posted on 12 April 2015

Whether you’re looking to tone up, shed a few kilos, feel happier, healthier or get your glow back what you eat is key. Our ambassadors are a team of amazing fitness professions who are all happy, confident and strong women and know that food is key to looking and feeling great.
So we asked them how they ensure that they are fuelling themselves with healthy food and what they always keep in their fridge or pantry.

So what were their tips

  • 1. Buy smarter. by having 2-3 go to breakfast and lunch meals that you can rotate so you are buying less. Then get experimental with your dinners.
  • 2. Have several protein sources handy. Protein powder, eggs, lean meats even quinoa. As a trainer I can not stress enough how important protein is. Protein helps give you energy, keeps you full which helps with concentration. It also helps repair your muscles and promotes fat loss. So whatever your goal I can ensure you need protein.
  • 3. Be a Tupperware Queen. It is so much easier to eat healthy when you have prepared your meals ahead of time - grab and go and feel great. I like to prepare 5 meals each week so I know that lunch is always there for me (and if I don’t have it for lunch - dinner’s ready).
  • 4. Bulk buy nuts. When your life is hectic and on the go it can be easy to buy processed snacks and food as it stays fresh and you don’t have to run to the store every second day. This is where nuts are helpful. Have a few as a snack, grind them up to make dukkah to season your meat, add coconut oil and make bliss balls. The possibilities are endless and you’re still eating unprocessed.
  • 5. If you’re training for a goal, think of what you eat as part of your training too. If you want to get leaner don’t just train hard but look at foods that help you with your goals such as greek yoghurt and fish oil. If you are training to have more energy why not add maca and cacao into your diet as well.

And what do some of our ambassadors always keep if their pantry/fridge

Michelle Pearson

A Fresh Coconut -  I make a coconut slushie everyday but blending the water and flesh with ice, so refreshing and delicious

Rockell Williamson

Fridge – Cooked Lentils.  I can turn them in to a very quick meal.
Pantry – Nuts and seeds.  They make handy healthy snacks and I like to add them to salads or on my yogurt.

Libby Babet

Frozen Mango Cheeks – these are amazing post-workout and the perfect substitute for ice-cream when you need a post-dinner treat on balmy summer nights. They also make an awesome addition to smoothies and the vitamins mangoes contain are great for skin health, which is something I’m passionate about.

Avocado & Olive Oil – drizzle the oil over sliced avocado, sprinkle with a little salt and you’ve got a snack that will kill almost any craving! Amazing for skin health, muscle recovery and boosting your mood, this combo is one of my all-time favourites


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