Are you working out according to science?

Posted on 12 April 2015

Are you working out according to science? Ben Quigley exercise physiologist at Symetrie believes that they key to getting results is based not only on your hard work and dedication but also on utilising the latest scientific research studies and technique to maximize your workout.

  • Do you think it is important to follow workouts based on scientific studies, why or why not?
  • I think its definitely important to be aware of new studies that come onto the market. Science can tell us about the effectiveness of different exercises and the impact they have on certain population groups. Its also important to make sure they are relevant and have been reviewed by industry professionals. Occasionally you get a study coming out that says something ridiculous like 7 secs of exercise a week is all you need to stay fit and healthy - so common sense needs to be applied in these cases.
  • What have been your biggest take aways on how to exercise from these studies?
  • One of the more interesting debates from a recent study is the HIIT vs Cardio debate. Old ways of thinking point towards steady state low intensity whereas the latest studies are pointing towards high intensity intervals. At Symetrie we have based a lot of our current exercise sessions around HIIT because i think it gives our clients huge variety and allows for development of so many different movements. I have had some really good results with a client who has Type 1 diabetes and HIIT. Big improvements in blood sugar levels, much more stable and they stay lower for longer. One thing is for certain exercise is highly individualised what works for one may not work for the other, keeping the body guessing so it doesn’t adapt to one form of training is the key.
  • There is so much information on what will and wont give you results where do you think we should look?
  • The best go to people to get advice on different styles of training are industry professionals. They may have a particular slant towards one or 2 types of training but if they know their stuff they should be across all the latest info. So people like Exercise scientists, Exercise physiologists, elite sport coaches, well educated PT’s these are the people that can digest the most current studies and give you practical implications on how best to transfer these ideas to the gym environment. Certainly don’t take your advice from late night television where you find a 100 different gimmicks to give you buns of steal.
  • What is your favourite exercise and why?
  • Ive got so many different exercises that i love for so many different reasons but if i had to call out one movement pattern as my favourite id have to say the good old squat. Its a big bang exercise with a million different functional variations that have a practical crossover to all our movements we do on a daily basis out in the real world. Squat press its a beauty - there i said it…. and if you want my favourite new toy its gotta be the Assault air bike. A 20 sec interval on these things can lay you out on the floor for minutes - I’ve never come across any piece of cardio equipment that has such an impact in such a short interval.
  • How about recovery - how important is this to your workout program?
  • Super important, the body needs time to rest and heal if it is going to reach its full potential. There are lots of different ways to assist in recovery after exercise but my top 5 would be hydration, nutrition, sleep, active recovery and most important of all listen to your body - we have enough external stressors placed on us in our everyday lives so there is no point overloading the body with physical stress as well. If you are always feeling tired or sore after training then it might be necessary to take a bit more rest, overtraining will only result in breaking down with injury.

Workout: Symetrie

Can only be described as: The perfect HIIT workout to make you feel fit and lean. Ben is an exercise physiologist and combines functional movements and weight based training with some of our favourite equipment like Ski-ergs and Assualt Bikes as well as sprints to make you feel toned and tight all over.

A perfect workout for: A high intensity girl who wants a full body workout in 45 minutes and loves new exercises, new equipment and training in a group whilst feeling like you’re at a personal training session.

Workout Essentials:

Hannah Sports Bra – with all the jumping and moving you need support

Chelsea Compression Tights

Sasha Muscle Tee

Our Favourite Move:

Push and dip – using the dip bars we did a push and then jumped through for a tricep dip – a killer for the arms.

Our Favourite Instructors:


Ok for guys or just for the girls:

Definitely guy friendly! Perfect for some friendly competition with your partner.

Music: upbeat pop songs

Fun Factor

(1- We were watching the clock, 5- We want to do this everyday!)

Intensity Factor

(1- We could chat to our neighbour, 5- We might throw up)

Sweat Factor

(1- no shower needed, 5- I might need 3 showers and a fan all day)

Afterwards we felt…. Lean and energized…plus Sweaty!

Other Notes:

  • They have a shower if you have to rush off afterwards
  • They have some amazing equipment including one of our favourites – The Assault Bike
  • Memberships are week to week so no long term commitment


The Studio

Enjoy! xx

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