My Active Life by Marina Lazzaretto, Broadway Actress, Cast of Wicked

Posted on 22 March 2015

We recently met Marina Lazzaretto in LA and were astounded by her amazing (and busy) life as a Broadway actress on Wicked. But we had one question we were just itchy to ask, with late hours, busy schedules and rehearsals where does she find the time to be fit and healthy - and how does she do it.
Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get to where you are, where are you from etc?
I grew up in the western part of Canada.  I originally went to university to study science, but soon realized it was just not what I wanted for my life.  So I took a job dancing on a cruise ship.  After which I moved to NYC, where I have been working as a professional dancer/singer/actress ever since.  I have been fortunate enough to dance on Broadway and the West End, perform on the Tony Awards, tour the US with 2 different productions, and have performed in over 20 countries around the world.  
Why is living an active life important to you? 
Well… one part of why it is important to me is that I make my living with my body and so I need it to perform at its best, which means I need it to be as healthy and fit as possible.  But also, I hope that when I am old and grey I can still be healthy, happy and full of vitality so I want to do everything I can to make sure my body can sustain that. 
How do you live an active life?
I try to do 2 different activities (besides my show) every day.  I of course love to take dance classes, and I have a pretty dedicated yoga practice, I take Pilates regularly, and right now I’m obsessed with the dance cardio classes at Body By Simone.  I also travel with my dog and I love to spend time outside with him whether it’s going on a hike, or just to get outside for a good long walk.  He really keeps me going.  
If you had to choose what is your favourite workout?
If I had to choose just one it would be a ballet class.  It just really uses every muscle in your body.  There is no better workout.  And it makes my heart happy, which I think is the most important part of any activity.  
Can you share your active life mantra?  
I imagine your schedule is pretty hectic how do you make sure you can eat well and workout?  
I schedule my classes and work outs first.  I prioritize being healthy and so I plan everything else (besides work obviously) around that.  A healthy diet is also a HUGE priority for me.  I’m a vegan.  I keep loads of fruits and veggies in my house/hotel.  I travel with my juicer and I use it daily.  When I’m on the go I look for places to grab quick healthy snacks like juice or nuts.
What’s your favourite indulgence?
Dark chocolate. And espresso. Bonus points if they are together in anything.  
What songs are on your workout playlist at the moment?
Absolutely anything by Bruno Mars, you just can’t help but smile when that music is playing. 
What’s on your Vie Active wish list?  
Everything.  And I mean everything.  I think my next purchase will be the Rockell Urban Warrior tights.  I adore the pattern! I’ve just discovered the brand and I’m so excited by it.  My doctor has been telling me for ages that I need to start wearing compression tights because of the sheer amount of time I spend on my feet.  I have never found any that I actually liked or fit me before.  I’m so happy to have found something that will be good for my legs and keep me fashionable.
What makes you FLAWSOME?  
I really struggle with finding the balance of pushing/driving myself to improve, but not being down on myself.  I think that it’s really easy for me to focus on what I’m not good at and judge my body and abilities.  I’m trying to focus on all the amazing things I can do and how far I have come instead.  

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