Posted on 10 February 2015

One of our favourite bootcamp instructors and Vie Active Ambassador has put together a self love bootcamp workout to get you sweating and sculpting - because moving your body is loving your body!

'This ones going to hurt and it's supposed to be performed at a fast pace, be sure that your form is perfect during each move. Do not sacrifice your form in order to complete more repetitions! Have fun sweating with this one!' - Lisa Clayton.


6 Rounds -- 20 seconds low intensity: 20 seconds high intensity -- 30 Minutes Total

Low -- Jog
High -- Mountain Climbers
Low -- Jog 
High -- In and Out Jump Squats
Low -- Jog
High -- Jumping Jacks
Low -- Jog
High -- High Reach Jump Squats (Wide Stance)
Low -- Jog
High -- Skater Lunges
Low -- Jog
High -- Body Drops

Rest 1 minute between round


Mountain Climbers -- Start in a plank position with palms and balls of feet as your contact points on the ground. Bring alternating knees up to your chest. Move as fast as possible while keeping your hips low.

In and Out Jump Squats -- Start standing with your feet together. Jump both feet out into a narrow stance and squat. Pop back up and bring feet back together into the starting position. Should be performed quickly. Push through your heels on each jump.

High Reach Jump Squats -- Start in a wide stance squat with your toes pointed out. Allow your arms to hang in front of you. Jump up as high as you can and bring your arms up reaching as high as possible. Land back into the low wide squat stance.

Skater Lunges -- Start standing then cross your left leg behind your right leg and tap the ground with your left foot. Push off the ground with your right foot and land on your left foot crossing your right leg behind you. Incorporate your arms in this move and stay nice and low. Hop from leg to leg with as much explosion and intensity as possible.

Body Drops -- Start in a standing position then drop your hands down to the ground. Jump your feet back so you land in a plank position. Jump feet back up to your hands and stand up. To make this move more challenging, jump off the ground and reach your arms up rather than just standing to the return position.

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