Posted on 13 January 2015

Tell us a bit about yourself? How/Why did you start Physicore? 
I'm a self-confessed activity junkie – I loved sports at school and, for as long as I can remember, I've sampled every type of exercise on the market, back as far as when Jane Fonda had me prancing around in leg warmers!  For me, there are few better feelings than the endorphin buzz from getting moving.  Prior to embarking on my fitness career, I had a corporate job but there was a voice in my head telling me that spreading the love of fitness was in my future.  Unexpectedly, the opportunity to move to Sydney came up which was the catalyst I needed to make the transition.  By this time I had discovered and had become addicted to Lagree Fitness in London: a full body high intensity, yet low impact, workout practised on a Megaformer, effectively combining cardiovascular, strength and core conditioning.  Life in Oz without was not an option so I decided to pioneer the Lagree Fitness Method and Megaformer in Australia - hence Physicore was born! 

What’s your active life mantra?
It's not how you start – it's how you finish that counts.

Megaformer is still a relatively new workout to most people, tell us what makes the megaformer amazing and different from classes like Pilates Reformer?
The Megaformer is a sophisticated piece of equipment that has been developed alongside an exercise programme called Lagree Fitness (LF). There are an endless number of LF exercises unique to the Megaformer that effectively stimulate the entire body in each 50 minute workout. Like a Pilates reformer, the resistance comes from springs, but that's where the similarities end!  Unlike reformer Pilates, each Megaformer workout targets cardio, strength, endurance, core; the Megaformer allows you to train your muscles to fatigue but is low impact and safe on the spine and joints.  The idea is more intensity, less time, which makes training on the Megaformer perfect for busy people who want to achieve a taut, toned physique in a relatively short time.  

Besides Megaformer, how else do you like to stay fit?
I discovered TRX (suspension training) fairly recently and loved it so much so that the newest Physicore location in Surry Hills features a dedicated TRX studio.  Unlike our Megaformer classes, in TRX your body is the machine – I love the contrast, kind of yin and yang, and it's still an awesome full body workout!  I'm also a certified Kettlebell trainer and incorporate kettlebells into my Megaformer and TRX training.  When I'm not in the studio I'm power walking the streets and parks with my 3 month old baby in the pram. 

What’s your favourite megaformer exercise for your obliques?
The reverse teaser is a unique exercise performed at the back of the Megaformer that effectively isolates the obliques.

What’s your favourite megaformer exercise for tight, taut legs? 
Any Megaformer lunge! My current favourite is the Rowers Lunge, a dynamic compound movement that targets multiple muscle groups and takes them to failure – aka shake, sweat and burn!

You also have a Kettlecore class, what does that involve?
Our Kettlecore classes are for clients experienced on the Megaformer who are looking to take their training to the next level.  We take advanced movements on the Megaformer and combine with Kettlebell intervals. The combination of slow controlled Megaformer exercises and powerful, ballistic Kettlebell drills delivers a supercharged workout!

What’s on your Vie Active wish list? 
Anything featuring the midnight garden print!  In particular I'm lusting after the 3/4 compression tights and Lori sports bra.

What’s your favourite post workout snack? 
After a training session, I like to have a combination of protein and carbs: I'll munch on a few apple slices smeared with natural almond or peanut butter, or some full fat greek yogurt with fresh berries. 

Where are your favourite healthy cafes in Sydney?
My favs are O Café, Proteini Café and Earth to Table.

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