5 Minutes with Michele Chevalley Hedge

Posted on 29 December 2014


We caught up with author, nutritionist and mother Michele Chevalley Hedge to talk about how she lives an active life and why she's an advocate of the low sugar lifestyle.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (What do you do, what prompted you to become an advocate for a low sugar lifestyle?

I am just like you!  I am a normal female, hard worker, nutritionist and mum of three busy kids.

I speak at corporates, schools and run a clinical practice here and in NYC.  I am a qualified nutritionist who practices from a evidence based medicine approach- not a food blogger or celebrity chef.  I am at the coal face with people who are suffering mentally, emotionally and physically.

I see the impact of food on people self esteem.  I see the impact on how hard it is for adults to feel good about themselves--- let alone kids!

Why do you believe it is so important to cut down on the amount of ‘hidden sugars’ we consumer daily?

    • Hidden Sugars are everywhere.  I can show people how most of us are consuming about 30 teaspoons per day and that is people who think they are eating well! People think they are moody, hormonal, tired, cranky when the reality is most of the time is that their feeding themselves with food that has no nutrient value.
    • They say ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ and with bikini season just seconds away, what suggestions do you have that will aid in getting and keeping us bikini ready but also fuelled and energised throughout a busy day 
    • True -abs, a clear brain, and a resilient heart- it starts with how you nourish yourself.  If you don’t believe me think back to a time when you have eaten well or watch the patterns of the most effective, vibrant people you know- I can promise you one thing… they don’t eat junk food regularly.

    What does a typical day-on-a-plate look like for you?

    Food – real food and a lot of it.  Why? Firstly I love food and want to bring back the love of food. When you eat clean you can eat a lot of food and not count calories or have 5 days on and two days of counting calories and being ‘hangry’.   I always have protein in some form in eat meal and quality fats with a bit of carb but I limit my carbs at night.  For example

    Breakfast- two scrambled eggs with left over sweet potato from the night before. Piccolo latte. Coffee with only a little bit of milk ( I love coffee, told you I am normal! )

    Morning tea- handful of brazil nuts ( great for thyroid) and  a cup of green tea

    Lunch- Moroccan chicken breast left over from dinner sliced into a rocket and whatever veggies I have in the fridge topped with some hummus (sometimes homemade but always with ingredients I can read and pronounce)

    Afternoon tea- berries or berry smoothie made with almond milk and lots of flaxseed (great to clean out the pipes!  And vitamin c for our collagen and happy skin!)

    Dinner – Salmon or trout with persevered lemons on top.  Something green like beans with lemon rind grated and topped with lots of olive oil. And a few nights a week a glass of red with dinner.

    Zero hidden sugar day.  Felt nourished. Lots of energy.  And Happy.



    1. Sunrise or Sunset workout? Which do you prefer?
      Sunrise but I will take what I can get when I am super busy.
    1. Typical workout:
      Early morning run with girlfriends or spin class and a few yoga classes throughout the week.
    1. Typical breakfast:
      EGGS- best protein, inexpensive, and 365 ways to make an egg add veggies and ½ an avocado and you have your protein, fat and a wee bit of carb.  Talk about energy!
    2. What’s your ultimate healthy meal?
      Hmm, I love all food- give me something that is clean and fresh and I am happy.
    1. What are your makeup must-haves?
      Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish- makeup you can eat it is so darn good.
    1. What’s always in your gymbag? 

       An appealing waterbottle, if it's appealing then you'll be more likely to drink from it!

    1. Best active holiday you’ve ever taken:

      my husband and I and our 15 month old baby sailed for two years from Sydney harbor to American 16 years ago. Active, amazing, and grounding.

    2. What totally relaxes you?
      My devine family- their funny, kind, put me in my place, tell me to calm down that I will live 9 lives so I can share my message about nutrition, and pour me a glass of wine!
    1. What’s your biggest vice?
      Coffee- I really love an organic, strong coffee.
    2. What was the last thing you recommended to a friend? 
      Don’t be extreme about food and don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad meal or too many drinks.  Restart. You cannot fail at good nutrition.  Find yourself a guide, a plan/program or a group and feel the energy of what food can do to you.  For example Low Sugar Lifestyle by www.myfamilywellness.com.au ;-)
    3. What’s always in your fridge? 
      Leftovers- I used to dislike leftovers. But as a busy mum and a very busy business, I see that we can always find a ‘clean option for lunch’.  Lunch is often difficult to find out or very expensive.
    4. What would we be surprised to find in your fridge:
      Wine- I told you I am normal- I do like red wine cool.
    5. Your Style Icon?
      Hmmm, I left NYC 24 years ago and my style sense is not great so I now rely on Chic Image to point me towards the latest trends.
    6. Your "healthy living" hero:
      Healthy is just as much about the head, the heart as it is about the body.  I love the joy de vie of Arianna Huffington- she is a ‘low sugar’ believer. She laughs at herself. She has a fire in her belly.  She exudes health and passion. And smiling eyes always tell me something about someone’s soul.
    7. The wardrobe item you can’t live without:

      My POL dress.  Where are you designers???... must comfortable,femine dress I have ever worn!

    8. The book on your bedside table right now:
      Little Red Book of Happy by Red Balloon
    9. Three things on your bucket list:
      To have MyFamilyWellness.com to go global and truly make a difference in families lives, family reunion with immediate family and 54 cousins and their families, to live a healthy, full life and see future grandchild have children.
    10. Your latest obsession:
      ‘digical’- where the digit space meets the a physical community to create change.
    11. Number one reason for living an active life: 

      FEEL GOOD in the head, the heart and the body!

    12. Message you’d send to the world. (Only catch: It has to be 140 characters or less):
      So cliché but I see some many peeps not really living because they don’t like themselves or even know what it feels like to feel good about themselves. Seek out Nourishment- in your food, friends and life.  I am not talking about being a pompous wind bag- I am talking about believing in yourself and finding joy, passion, and connection.  I see life being ripped out from people when they least expect it all the time in our clinic.  The time is now – don’t wait. Find A Healthy View on life!

     Enjoy xx

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