Tips to stay motivated by Libby Babet.

Posted on 19 January 2015

Our ambassador Libby Babet is a pretty impressive woman! Owner and founder of both Bottoms Up Fitness and Agoga (with more exciting developments in the pipeline) she definitely knows how to set a  goal and stick to it! It's getting to the end of January and so we thought now would be a great time to check in and see if you're still in track with your New Year's resolutions and get tips from the amazing Libby on how you can stay motivated too!

So here are her top 5 motivation tips -

1. Know why you’re training, eating well, meditating or trying something new?
We all make New year’s Resolutions, even if we tell our friends ‘I have no resolutions this year’ quietly in our head we’re saying - maybe this year i’ll try and make that hot yoga class or i’ll try and cut down coffee. But do you really know why? It is because a magazine told you it was beneficial or you think it might be on trend or your best friend did it and she got great results? These are sure fire ways to ensure you fall off the new years resolution bandwagon before we stop thinking it’s the ‘new year’.
If you want to make a New Year’s Resolution and stick to it - relate your resolution to a goal or next mini adventure. So you want to start doing yoga more regularly. Do a bit of reading head to a class and find something you find challenging - e.g. King Dancer Pose and say this year i’m going to master the King Dancer’s pose.
You’re not locking yourself into X classes a week or pressuring yourself to do something - you’re setting a fun goal and heading to yoga a few times a week will help you get there.
Trust me, thinking about your New Year’s resolutions in this way really helps!

2. Make a Plan
Secondly, it really helps to make a plan! Literally sit down, whip out your calendar, check out what you’ve got on your plate over the next few months and plan your training schedule or when you can work on your goals - when you’ll go food shopping, when you can fit in acupuncture, whatever the resolution - plan ahead. If you don’t, it’s likely you’ll give in to temptation and hit ‘snooze’ way too many times! Be specific…

E.g. If you’re starting a new fitness regime - maybe trialling functional training or Pilates, decide on how many sessions you can commit to a week - I like to start with 3 and then if you fit in more - well then you feel great! Book them on an app, pop them in your diary and get excited about them!

Competitive types – search the web for cool and challenging events coming up and put your hat in the ring, then make a “backwards plan” for your training. It’s amazing how much a goal helps (see point 1)! Stuck for ideas? Try the Spartan Race, or sign up for City2Surf or even a 30 days  of yoga challenge

Remember: Consistency wins over an OTT training plan every time. Committing to 3-4 good quality sessions per week and actually showing up to them is way more motivating than aiming for 6 days per week and falling short of your benchmark every time. Set realistic goals that allow for a few cheeky sleep-in days and you’re more likely to stick with the plan.

3. Mix it up!
When you make resolutions try and think of a specific goal/resolution and a broader goal/resolution. E.g. taking the example from my first point you wanted to start yoga - your specific goal is to do a King Dancer’s Pose by the end of the year, so your broader goal might be to improve your flexibility and balance.
So maybe once a week or once a month try something interesting - go tightrope walking, take an anti-gravity yoga class, try different balance exercises. There are more ways than you think to reach a goal you just have to make sure you think broad not narrow.

4. Set a mini challenge (and reward)
One way I find it easy to stick to my goals is to set a little challenge for myself every 3-4 weeks - e.g. if my goal was to eat whole foods maybe in three weeks time i’d plan a healthy dinner party for my friends and aim to practice all the healthy recipes in the lead up. Or if i’m training set an improvement goal for three weeks time and test yourself.
If that’s not motivating enough add a small reward e.g. after 3 weeks of eating whole foods you can go out for burgers or even splash out on an expensive farm to table style restaurant.

5. Dress for Success
Whether you’re off to training, navigating the farmer’s market, heading to the Chiro or spending more time at sport with the kids if you have an outfit that you’re excited to put on and feel great in then you’re much more likely to meet your goals! I know my black leopard tights help me get up for an early morning training session when i’d rather stay in bed because they make me feel great, look great and want to feel even better.

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