15 Fitness Trends for 2015

Posted on 27 January 2015

    We're almost one month into 2015 and it looks like it's going to be an exciting year! We've set our resolutions and now we're ready to see what 2015 can throw at us in terms of health, wellness and fitness - last year we embraced raw treats, going sugar free and kombucha - this year there's some great new fitness trends and delicious treats that we think will become farmer's market and training standards by the end of the year. Here's what we predict will be big in 2015...

  • Strawberry Almond Mylk - We are loving this twist on one of our childhood favourites! Some of our favourite almond milk brands including Pressed Juices and Inside Out are coming up with berry delicious versions of classic almond milk and it makes us feel like we’re back at recess.
  • A Jacob’s Ladder - Besides the initial feeling of being highly uncoordinated and slightly as one friend described it - like you’re on a hamster wheel - we are loving the Jacob’s ladder is a cardio climbing and conditioning machine that’s low impact but gives you a serious workout (We thought it was much harder than doing treadmill intervals). Great for boxers out their trying to get their hands and feet in sync and also a fun way to mix up your cardio, work new muscles and get your sweat on!
  • Kye Ritos - We all love sushi but LA’s Kye's Cafe has taken sushi style eating to a new healthy level with macrobiotic sushi wraps filled with veggie and nutrient goodness and wrapped in anything from nori to kale.
  • Woodway Treadmills - An Eco Friendly Treadmill that has a curved shape so that you generate the power to make it run! Perfect for seeing how fast you’re true running pace is and it burns up to 30% more calories than running on a traditional treadmill - less treadmill time - we’re in!
  • Charcoal - Activated charcoal will be popping up in juices, smoothies and on your dinner plate. Charcoal attaches to toxins and helps cleanse your body - it is 2015’s chlorophyll and it will be popping up on menus and detoxes everywhere in 2015. We recommend trying the black lemonade at Pressed Juices for a healthy start.
  • Anti -Gravity yoga - Popular in boutique yoga studios, Virgin Active gyms are beginning to introduce Anti Gravity Yoga into their health clubs - with amazing benefits for spinal health and stress reduction, as well as the excitement and accomplishment of being able to backflip in yoga after only a few sessions - Anti Gravity Yoga will become the next Bikram.
  • Healthy Bake Mixes - Sometimes don’t you miss the days where baking a cake was as easy as heading to the store and getting Betty Crocker’s Devils Mud Cake and adding some eggs - Well no longer will you have to run to the organic store and farmers market before buying a cake - Healthy companies like Fit Mixes or Bake Mixes have vegan, organic and gluten free options covered - just add some coconut oil and your choice of sweetener and bake - our favourites include cookie dough bliss balls, cacao chip cookies and cacao nib and oat muesli bars. Yum!
  • Dexa Scans - it will become increasingly common for everyday active people to get regular dexa scans. This is a great way to monitor your body composition, sort out imbalances and keep yourself on track - plus a great tool to make a PT session extra effective
  • Boutique Spirits - Vodka made with Quinoa and organic spirits are beginning to make themselves known on the market - making a little bit of Friday fun just that little bit healthier for you.
  • Hormonal Health - Personal trainers and health coaches will focus less more on getting your hormones in balance to create the optimum you - expect your sessions to involve coritsol and oestrogen measures along with your traditional fat percentage and BMI. In a new take on the blood type diet we will be eating and exercising to please our hormones.
  • Store Based Workouts - With the health and wellness sector growing more brands are looking for ways to interact and add value to their communities - this year store based workouts will be everywhere - with the launch of Nike’s first female only store complete with yoga studio, not to mention their run clubs and Lululemon’s yoga classes - working out after a shopping session will become increasingly popular - want to give it a go? Our Venice store holds bi-weekly workouts in store - check them out here.
  • Matcha Green Tea - matcha tea will become a healthy girls staple - as cold refreshing green tea with extra antioxidants, fat burning and stress reducing benefits is something that everyone will ooh and aah over!
  • Healthy Burgers - no you’re not dreaming! This is becoming a trend - and we’re loving it as burgers could become a perfectly acceptable healthy lunch (well we’d like to think so). Burger chains are not only starting to introduce healthy cooking oils, grass fed and hormone free meat but Grill’d burgers is taking the lead with its low carb super bun made with almond meal and coconut cream it’s gluten free and dairy free and has less than 10g of carbs - pair this with their organic and hormone free meat options and stick away from creamy sauces and you have yourself a burger that’s almost as healthy as a chicken wrap.
  • Sandbags - From kettlebells to Bosus, functional equipment has seen increasing popularity and 2015 will see the rise of training with sandbags - amazing for a range of function movements you can drag them, hit them, throw them, push and press them!
  • Telemetry - what’s that?? A fancy way to say activity trackers (using technology to take measurement of something), with the release of the Apple Watch and updates to Fitbit and Jawbone activity trackers understanding your sleep, eating and heart rate patterns will be easier than ever before - then your trainer and you will be able to see where you’re doing great and where you need to improve

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