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Posted on 13 January 2015


Recently the team from Vie Active HQ were lucky enough to try a juice cleanse Cali Press, and interview the team about their active lifestyle's. Cali Press are located in Bronte Beach, Australia and specialise in creating and delivering the freshest cold pressed juice to your door. The Cali Press team pride themselves on using the finest organic local produce, to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable farming initiatives within the community.

Tell us a bit about Cali Press, How did you get started?
We wanted to setup a place that offered the best products we all included in our daily lives. The idea was to create the greatest tasting cold pressed juice, smoothies and wholesfoods with the goal of bringing better health to peoples lives. This concept escalated quickly as some of the guys quit their jobs to dive into becoming full time cold pressed juicers! The name Cali Press comes from our love for Golden California and the ‘new’ LA style of Juice Bar that we’re introducing to Australia.

What’s the Cali Press Active Life Mantra?
Cali Press is about making sustainable lifestyle choices easy and accessible. With our first Juice Bar in Bronte, the aim was to create a hangout where the service is great and the vibe is friendly so people can relax. However, our offering is primarily ‘grab and go’ so you can be in and out in a matter minutes if you’re on the run.
What makes you happy?
A lot actually! We’re really lucky in Australia and living buy the beach reminds you of that every day. The beaches, people, food, events and opportunity that our city provides is second to none. I’m thankful for what we have every single day.

What fitness trend do you love/have you fallen for?
Does surfing count? Nothing else compares to the stoke you get from a great wave and the energy you get from being in the ocean.  It really helps to keep your mind clear and detach you from the daily challenges that come with running a 7 day a week operation!
What makes Cali Press different from other juice companies?
Being organic is a big one. For us it seemed like a real contradiction to promote the benefits of cold pressed juice when the original produce had been sprayed with chemicals and grown with unsustainable farming practices. But we are also piecing together an overall offering that’s recognised not just for its great juice but also for its mind blowing cold pressed smoothies and wholefoods. We’re really excited to launch our new summer salad menu coming January.
Why should we do a juice cleanse?
Firstly it’s a great to give your digestive system a break. Doing a juice cleanse forces you to adopt a different way of living for a few days. No coffee or alcohol and you find you have more time on your hands without having to prepare or think about meals. It gives you a chance to reflect, read and relax which is a really nice change of pace. You can really see and feel the benefits and tends to kick-start lasting lifestyle changes with a lot of people.
You have some amazing flavour profiles - what are your favourite ingredients in your juices
Jeez, it actually changes depending on mood and the time of day but I can drink our beetroot juice all day as its not only loaded with beets but also cucumber which is really hydrating.
We love the concept of Cold Pressed Smoothies - how did you come up with it and which is your favourite?
It was a bit of a eureka moment in the kitchen while we were playing around with the smoothie menu. Each recipe had about 6-10 ingredients and despite this when we made them there wasn’t enough flavour or wow factor which we were after. So we began using the juices that we had already which instantly produced these amazing smoothies with the addition of only a few ingredients. Suffice to say we ended up really happy with the results.

What are your plans for 2015? any resolutions?
We want to push the envelope with flavour combinations and launch more juices and smoothies. We aim to continually excite our customers and have them walk away feeling so great about their Cali experiences. We have our second store in the works which will open around the end of January. The space is larger than our Bronte store so we’re planning on expanding our offering. Resolutions? To expand our conversation beyond 'juice talk' in social situations!

Besides Cali Press, what are your other favourite healthy hang outs in Sydney?
There’s more and more popping up these days which is great. Newtown and Enmore have a lot and I love what Sadhana Kitchen and Earth To Table are doing. Nourishing Quarter in Surry Hills is an amazing vegan Vietnamese restaurant, and In Bondi The Health Emporium is an institution.
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