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Posted on 18 November 2014

Introducing #SweatProfessional Jacquelyn Umof - Jacquelyn will be hosting our first ever #SweatSession in our US store and is a fitness professional you want to watch! She is the ultimate slashy - with skills in yoga/Pilates/dance/barre and more! We highly recommend you checkout her blog - www.actionjacquelyn.com and her Instagram too @actionjacquelyn.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 
That is always such a tough question! Well, I'm easy going, born and raised in Los Angeles, love the sun, and believe in always learning and bettering myself. I'm addicted to movement because it brings out the best in me, and fell in love with ballet at a very young age. I went on to dance in college as a USC Song Girl, then a Los Angeles Clipper Girl, and then a Los Angeles Laker Girl. I began training Pilates clients when I was 18 and have seen my clients transform into their best selves. It's the most rewarding experience! I love what I do! 
You seem to do it all - dance, yoga, pilates barre, what's next? 
There is something I'm working on in each of these areas. I still have so much more to learn!  That's what is so amazing about these mind-body activities. Each is a journey, a challenge, a reflection of yourself, and it's how I grow. The dedication it takes to learn a new move, new choreography, a new yoga pose, a new inversion is incredible tough each time, but I put myself through the test and practice my patience, dedication, and discipline. 
Besides this though, I would like to get better at surfing! :)
What's your active life mantra? 
If you don't use, you lose it. This is the one mantra that keeps me consistent. I'll admit that I was very cocky in my late teens/early twenties about my body. It was resilient and powerful. As I've matured I've learned that the body is only as good as you treat it. So in order to keep my body thriving, I stretch daily, I meditate daily, I foam roll daily, go upside down daily, and dance daily. I encourage everyone to do activities that gets them excited so they can look forward to sweating once a day. Even if it's just walking along the beach! Just move! 
What (or who) keeps you motivated?
I know this may sound so cheesy but my fellow fitness enthusiasts on instagram give me a daily charge of energy for creativity and open mindedness. I've created friendships with other yogis and fitness enthusiasts on instagram through challenges or yoga meet-ups, and seeing a glimpse into their daily practice, or a new trick they learned, or a cool pose they posted, really inspires me to challenge myself. I love commenting and sending good vibes to my fellow instagram fitness peeps. They're energy inspires me, and I hope I do the same for them! 
What does a typical workout look like for you?
A power yoga class that focuses on strength and inversions, A Pilates reformer class, a mat pilates or Barre class, a run on the beach, Ballroom dancing, or Salsa dancing. For my rest days I like walking on the Manhattan Beach strand. And every night before bed I stretch and foam roll. I especially love foam rolling on my upper back to reverse any sitting and slouching I did that day. 
What are your favourite healthy cafes or hangout spots in LA?
Kreation Cafe, Cafe Gratitude, Lemonade, True Food Kitchen, Urth Cafe. I love going to the Green in Santa Monica to practice AcroYoga, and Monsoons on 3rd street for Salsa dancing. Palos Verdes has my favorite hikes with amazing views of Catalina Island, and Manhattan Beach is my favorite local beach, along with its hip restaurants and mellow vibe. 
What's on your Vie Active wish list?
EVERYTHING! haha. But seriously everything is amazing, I didn't do a very good job just picking a few... 
OMG your Yoga Mat! This is definitely my #1 on my wish list! Would be amazing to practice on everyday!
These compression pants - wow!
Your running shorts are super cute. 
This jacket...love!
This tank...so cute! 

Also anything in the brown leopard :) 
It's coming up to the holiday season, what are your tips for staying active and healthy for the holidays? 
The most challenging yet joyful season of the year. There will be many temptations, and probably a couple of slipups - but that's ok! I do not advocate completely restricting yourself from all holiday cheer (i.e. Candy canes, hot chocolate, Egg Nog with extra whipped cream - yum!). I DO advocate, however, to get back on your clean routine ASAP. Do not let one night of bad eating turn into a season of letting your gym shoes collecting dust. Getting back on track right away prevents weight gain. Statistics have shown that half of all weight gain happens during the holiday season, and unfortunately that weight gain stays on indefinitely. Below are 4 out of my 12 best tried-and-true tips to not let this happen to you. For the rest of my list, check out my blog here
My Top 4 Tips:   
1. If you just had a hefty meal, go for a brisk walk. Invite other people to join you. Not only does this burn the food you just ate, it gets you away from the food, and back in control. There is something about moving that puts your brain in the right mindset.  
2. Before going to your party, make sure you get a workout in that day. Studies have shown that if you start your day with a workout, you make better, healthier decisions all day. 
3. For desserts, practice portion control with the 3 bite rule: the first is decadent, the second is enjoyable, and the third you're satisfied and done. This allows you the freedom to try the holiday food, yet still under control. 
4.  Don't offer to take the leftover cheesecake. If you're forced into it, don't feel bad about throwing it away when you get home. It's better off in the trash than on your thighs. 
Be unique, and don't become a statistic! Stay active and healthy this holiday season. 

Can you share a quick workout with us?
Holidays are all about traveling, so if you are visiting your relatives who live in a town that still thinks the Thighmaster is still the "it" exercise method, then here's a quick workout for you to do in just 30 minutes to keep you feeling good and on track. Great for traveling and can be done anywhere - even in a small space. 
Minute 1: Warm Up - 1 minute jumping jacks
Minute 2-5: 1 minute plank, twice through, with 30 seconds rest in between 
Minute 6-10: 1 minute Oblique Twists, twice through, with 30 seconds rest in between -- lye on your back, reach elbow to knee and twist to other side. Works obliques. 
Minute 11-15: 1 minute Lower Abs, twice through, with 30 seconds rest in between -- lye on back, grab onto the bottom of your couch or bed, keep torso sturdy with sacrum on the floor the entire time, lower and lift the legs with straight legs (or with bent knees if needed). Use lower belly to lower and lift the legs. 
Minute 16: Cardio Burst - 1 minute pretend jump rope 
Minute 17: Rest
Minute 18: 1 minute tricep push ups - on the floor, or off a chair
Minute 19: Rest 
Minute 20: Tricep Push Ups - keeping elbows squeezing into the midline of the body, and make sure that when you come down into your pushup, your elbow is creating a 90 degree angle with your forearm. Can do this on your knees or toes. 
Minute 21: Rest
Minute 22: Chest Push Ups - on your knees or on your toes, hands are wide, and elbows are wide. 
Minute 23: Rest
Minute 24: Cardio Burst - 1 minute running in place. Can challenge yourself by doing high knees! 
Minute 25: 1 minute clam right side - lye down on your left side, on your left elbow, with knees slightly bent. Keep toes together on the floor, open and close the knee. Works the outer glute and hip. 
Minute 26: 1 minute Butt press right side- starting on all 4s on hand and knees, keep belly in, lift right heel up to the ceiling, keeping knee in 90 degree angle, using your glutes to lift. Keep knee at hip height, and lift knee and thigh above hip. 
Minute 27: 1 minute clam left side 
Minute 28: 1 minute Butt press left side
Minute 29: 1 minute jumping jacks
Minute 30: Cool down with your favorite stretch :)  
What are your favourite healthy snacks? 
Jicama is one of my favorite healthy snacks! Read my blog post on this for more info on preparation and nutrition benefits! (Hint: It's full of fiber!). 
What's in your favourite green smoothie?
I make a killer green smoothie! I love them so much, and share my recipes on my blog. The one below is my favorite! This smoothie will give you natural energy from the dark leafy greens, and the special Bulletproof XCT Oil will keep your energy sustained and satisfied for a productive, active day!
Ingredients: (all vegetable ingredients are organic and locally grown). 
  • 2 stems of Kale
  • 1 handful of Butter lettuce
  • 1 handful Rainbow Chard
  • 2 Celery, chopped
  • Small slice of Ginger, peeled
  • 1 tablespoon Bulletproof XCT Oil - good for fat burning, sustained energy, and cognitive function 
  • 1/2 Squeezed Lemon
  • Handful of raspberries (or any other berry)
  • 1 Small Apple (or half a large one)
  • 1 Cup Coconut Milk
  • 4 cubes of ice
Directions: Wash all fruits and vegetables with cool water, then dry. Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
What's your favourite thing to do when not working out?
My favourite thing to do when I'm not working out is cooking, writing on my blog, reading, listening to books, spending time in the sun, and spending time with family and friends :)  

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  • Tyler: November 18, 2014

    Action Jacquelyn is truly an inspiration and one of the most elite fitness experts out there. What I love is she is constantly seeking to inspire and motivate others, and what’s cool is she uses various types of media to reach a huge audience. You never know who’s life you’re going to change when you smile, demonstrate passion, or show commitment – Jacquelyn is someone who understands this better than anyone.

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