Posted on 05 January 2015

Being an Urban Warrior can be tough! Our busy lives and go go go attitudes mean that it can be hard to slow down, reset and relax...and when we do, what's the best way to do it? There's so much info out there!
We caught up with Erin Stutland, founder of Shrink Session and Vie Active ambassador who lives in the hustle and bustle of NY. She gives us the low down on all those health and wellness questions you're thinking detox or not detox, sleep in or workout? Should I try meditation? We have it all here, decoded for you!


What’s you favourite way to relieve muscle soreness after a tough workout?
A hot bath with epsom salt or a good massage.

Do you believe in detoxing, What’s your favourite way to detox?
As for a DIGITAL DETOX, a COMPLAINING DETOX or a something like a GOSSIPING DETOX, heck yes. These are the BEST kinds of detoxes. You would be amazed how much time and energy this frees up when you give these things up. I think these should be done regularly.
In terms of a food detox, I believe in eating as natural and clean as possible. That said, I do indulge. After a particularly indulgent weekend, I will do a day of juicing or super clean eating to reset myself.
I have done 3-5 day juice cleanses in the past and think they are a great way to reset yourself, however the benefits (weight loss/incredible skin from all the moisture) are short lived. I think it depends on why you are doing it. I know it can be really powerful for people with illness or allergies as a way to eliminate culprits that are causing poor health. However, if you are doing it for weight loss, I just think you need to eat real food.

Are there any health ‘secrets’ that you swear by?
Flax seed. For me, this helps with digestive issues and interestingly, breast tenderness before my period. That said, I know people who don't get the same benefits from it, so I think you have to try different things. But it's a life saver for me!

How often do you move your body? How do you move your body?

I try to everyday in some way whether it be a walk, a run, a yoga class or teaching my signature class Shrink Session.
If I stretched and sweat a little bit, it was a good day:)

What do you think is more important, a workout or sleep?
I hate to say it, being a workout pro, but sleep. Mostly because in addition to all the obvious benefits, sleep allows your sub-conscious to go to work on things in your life that you might be trying to work through. Sleep alone could lead to a greater sense of peace and happiness. If I am feeling moody, sad or frustrated, a good nights sleep usually solves everything!

Why do you think meditation is important?
Meditation brings you into the present, mind, body and spirit. It keeps your mind chilled out so you don't get hooked into intrusive thoughts that take you down the rabbit hole of worry, doubt and fear. That said, I don't think there is ONE way to mediate.
Writing can be meditation.
Walking can be meditation.
Swimming can be meditation.
Breathing can be meditation.
Sipping tea can be meditation.

We don't have to be precious about it:)

Any tips for anyone who hasn’t tried meditation before, but wants to give it a go?
I talk about my tea meditation HERE. It's so easy and anyone can do it.
Another great way to start is by doing a RED LIGHT meditation. Every time you are stopped at a red light in traffic (either walking or driving), tune into only your breath until the light turns green. It will usually be anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 min. It's a great way to get started.   

Do you think it’s important to set an intention at the beginning of your workout, if so, why?
I think it's such a powerful way to begin, simply because it allows the mind focus on one idea. Even if you don't think about that intention one more time throughout your workout, it's ok.
We often head into a workout and just barrel through it. Imagine if you took 30 seconds to focus your attention and energy. It sets you up differently and gets you on a great path to have an even more effective and powerful workout.

Find out more about Erin and her Shrink Session's in NY here.

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