Vie Active Workout Series Part III: Bootcamp

Posted on 17 July 2014

For part III of the Vie Active Workout Series we put the spotlight on bootcamp style workouts with our resident bootcamp Vie Activist Lisa Clayton. Lisa Clayton, is the founder of Singapore based Ozfit Bootcamps and is a multi-tasking super mum of 3 boys all under the age of 4. 
She talks us through the benefits of training bootcamp style and shares her favourite bootcamp style exercises to get you maximum results while having fun in a group environment. 

What are the benefits of a bootcamp style workout?
Bootcamps are great calorie burners because you’re moving rapidly from exercise to exercise and working upper and lower body at the same time.
If you have limited time to exercise, a bootcamp workout is one of the most efficient programs around. It allows you to get aerobic and strength training done in a single workout. 
A good bootcamp should never become boring! - Yes, a bootcamp exercise routine is challenging, but never boring. Time goes by quickly when you’re engaged in so many types of exercises in a group format. Time can drag when you’re walking on a treadmill or attempting an at home workout, but with a bootcamp workout, you’ll be surprised to look up and see the session is almost over (well that's what 100% of our clientele say!!)
Bootcamps Build Confidence -There’s nothing more exhilarating than successfully completing a bootcamp workout when you weren't sure you were going to survive! . You’re tired and sweaty, yet strangely energised. Each workout builds confidence in your physical ability which can carry over to all aspects of your life.
Helps push yourself harder - Most people rarely push themselves as hard as they will when they are in a group environment. Having a trainer watching you and motivating you, alongside your work out buddies gives many the extra kick they need. In our bootcamps we like to do a lot of partnered work which means no hiding!
Support Group - When people are all going through the same thing together a common bond is formed. Our bootcamps are no different, you will form friendships within your group and it will turn into your new habit in no time. This helps you stick with your workout program, and provides you with instant “accountability” partners. Plus 95% of all our participants are returning students from previous sessions, and because they’ve already gone through the program once (or even 2,3,4 and 5+ times) they help motivation. Everyone works to keep you on target and feeling good about yourself.
We have zero tolerance for “workout snobs” or anyone making someone feel bad for not being as “in-shape” as others so to offer progressions for everyone is another benefit so they cater for all levels. This is a place of positive encouragement only.
What are the best pre and post workout snacks for a bootcamp workout?
Morning Exercise
Pre-Workout: While sitting down for breakfast may be the last thing on your mind in wee a.m. hours, certain nutrients are essential to make the most of your early sesh. Eating a relatively small carbohydrate and protein snack 30 to 60 minutes before you hit the sesh such as a banana paired with a tablespoon of peanut butter, will keep your stomach from grumbling while you work up a sweat. This combination of slow-burning carbs, protein, and a little bit of healthy fat helps to keep energy high and blood sugar levels sustained throughout a workout, while the punch of potassium from the banana aids in preventing cramping.
Post-Workout: For a nutritious treat you can sip as you get ready to take on your day, whip up a smoothie made with plain nonfat yogurt, frozen mango, oats, chia seeds and coconut water. Not only does this taste great, it also blends three important elements of refuelling: fluids, carbs, and protein.
On the go pack
Cottage cheese crunch: One cup fat-free cottage cheese, 1 teaspoon honey, ½ cup whole-grain cereal, and a dash of cinnamon does the body good.
What are the gym bag essentials for a bootcamp workout?
Yoga mat- any kind will do! It may get dirty!
Resistant band/tube
Towel- you're going to sweat tonnes
Water lots of it!
What are your five favourite and most effective bootcamp exercises that can be done at home or at the park?
High Knee skipping
High knees jump roping is similar to a high knee run on the spot where you lift your knees high in the air one at a time to hip height, this time you’re adding a skipping rope. This technique can be more tiring than a regular skipping pattern due to trying to emphasise bringing your knees up high and recruiting lower abs. You will have to practice the high knees technique for awhile, to master how to control the pace that you swing the jump rope.

Hot Potatoes Step One
A great cardio, upper body and core workout. Get into a plank position with hands directly under the shoulders, back straight and bottom flat.

Hot Potates Step Two
From plank position on hands, jump feet from center to the right bringing the both knees up to the elbow with feet touching the ground.

Hot Potates Step Three
Then, super fast jump the feet back to center plank and then to the left, and continue. Each hop is one rep.  The aim is to go as quickly as possible, making sure your back isnt dipping down in the plank and you are activating your core the entire time.

Donkey Kick with Resistance Band
Donkey kicks are an excellent exercise which targets your glutes! It’s a super easy exercise & It’s hard to perform incorrectly therefore this is great exercise for beginners. This exercise not only targets your glutes it also works your delts, triceps, core, hamstrings and quads! Begin on all fours securing the band handles in one hand and the loop behind your opposite foot. Start with the knee tucked towards your chest and lift your foot into the air till your leg is straight and pushing into the resistance (squeezing your glutes to make the movement!) Each time you bring your leg up, squeeze your glutes even more! It is all about the squeeze! If you don’t squeeze and interact the muscle you won’t get a full contraction…so perform it proper and obtain results!

Seated Resistance Band Shoulder Press Step One
This shoulder press exercise works the muscles in your upper shoulder and shoulder blade area, including the trapezius and deltoid muscles. Sit in a chair or on a bench and start with the band underneath your buttocks and with both hands firmly gripping both ends. Now put your arms out to the sides with palms facing forward and raise your hands up in the air making a 90 degree angle.

Seated Resistance Band Shoulder Press Step Two
Now straight your your arms to full extension feeling the shoulders in the muscle working. Now lower the band to the starting position. If you need less tension, do single arm presses alternating.

Squat Thruster to Frogger
In a plank position with your hands on the ground, Hop feet in so one ends up on the outside of your hand and the other on the other side and the heels are flat on the ground, you should be resembling a deep squat, pause, then straighten the legs till your standing. Keeping back straight and chest up, sink into your butt and squat down again till hands touch the ground and jump back into your plank.

Isometric Squat and Row
Place your resistance band around a pole or stationary object waist high. Grab an end of the resistance band with each hand and face your chest towards the pole or stationary object. Pull the band taught. Squat down till your knees are at a 90 degree angle.
Hold the squat and as you do pull the resistance band into your chest in a row motion. Repeat the rows for the desired amount of time and don’t come up from the squat position. Keep your back straight and tummy pulled in.

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