Q and A with Kirsty Welsh

Posted on 21 April 2014

Kirsty Welsh a super fun and funky PT from Sydney chats to us about how she lives her active life.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (What do you do, where do live? What do you love about your hometown?)

I’m a health & wellness expert and personal trainer, living the dream! My holy grail mantra is ‘Raise the roof – move to your health and happiness truth’ which is all about helping and inspiring others to love their bodies, and achieve their health and lifestyle goals in a way that resonates specifically for them. I live in Double Bay, Sydney and just love the lifestyle; it’s the beach life but close to the city. Adelaide is my hometown and I’ll always have a small piece of ‘radelaide’ and the ‘malls balls’ in my heart, no matter where I venture!

What’s your favourite way to stay fit?

To be honest I just love movement. I’m pretty sure no matter what and how I’m training it’s always my ‘favourite’ particularly when my headphones are in (just ask the people who workout at my studio!). When my body is feeling hyped and energised, I love cardio sprints or high intensity strength circuit training. Deadlifts and front squats are incredibly invigorating; they make me feel so strong and grounded. When my body is feeling less powerful and needing some TLC, I love yoga and general stretching. Hip-hop dancing is also a big win. If we stick to the same old programs it takes the joy out of training. I’ve definitely learnt to listen to my body and it loves me right back for it.

What’s your style like when you’re working out and hanging out?

I’m re-igniting my love for sweatbands when I’m training! I love wearing workout gear with a bit of funk and attitude, bright croppies and shoes and looser fitting tanks. Confession, I am just learning to get out of my sport gear when hanging out! High waisted shorts are a definite fave.

What’s your style like when you’re going out?

Depending on my energy for the day, I love either feeling like a goddess in beautiful flowing, feminine threads, or getting my glamorous rockstar on with boots, big hair, a bit of lippy and clothes with bite.

What does living an active life mean to you?

It’s not even a thought process; living an active lifestyle is just how I’m wired. One of my mantras is ‘be healthy and happy, always.’ This essentially summarises my highest values; health and happiness. I don’t think we can’t be truly happy unless we are living our best holistic health and while we can’t feel amazing 24/7, it’s so important to me to feel my best moment to moment.

What are your makeup must-haves?

Mascara and eyeliner, no question about it! For me, it’s all about accentuating the eyes, enhancing natural features, however I do love makeup-free Sundays!

The book on your bedside table right now:

‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and also ‘Practical Paleo’ by Diane Sanfilippo. I’ve read the Hill book before, but it’s cool to come back and realise how you’ve grown and therefore take in different points. I’m a bit of a self-development junkie, but lately balancing it with business 101!

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh my gosh too many! The first two people who come to mind are Oprah and Jillian Michaels. I just LOVE how Oprah has single-handedly opened up millions of people’s hearts and inspired radical self-improvement and greater happiness within, on a global scale! Jillian’s podcasts had me at hello for many road-trips between Las Vegas and LA. She is an incredible role model for everything I stand for. Not only does she understand fitness, she really understands emotional and spiritual health too, how they blend together delicately, educating on a level that connects with the every day person.

Can you share a typical workout?

A typical strength workout for me is circuit based or at least with supersets. I love picking around 5 exercises that balance each other in terms of muscle groups and performing each back to back with a cardio sprint on the end, resting for 2 minutes then going again. Sometimes I’ll design a workout around rotation exercises and use a swissball, cables and dumbbells to get my twist on! Today I did treadmill sprints followed by an hour of stretching. Really I just train as I feel, but stretching and yoga are a massive priority every day.

Top 10 things always in your gymbag?

Water bottle, headphones, banana, mobile, mints, money, sweatband, posture-pro (rehab equipment), towel, lip balm.



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