Posted on 11 April 2016

I'm going to be honest.... I used to hate my workouts.

Sure, I did them, but I was frustrated, grumbling, and upset the entire time. I used to have to have a competition or hardcore goal (like a marathon or half ironman!) going in order to motivate to go to the gym or out for a run or ride. 

Then something changed, and I actually started to enjoy my workouts. I started looking forward to them. I think it had something to do with the endorphins and maybe it did, but the thing that completely changed my attitude about working out: I found something I really loved to do. 

At first, it was barre classes, then I mixed it up with High Intensity Interval Training classes, then I started developing bad-ass playlists for running and all of a sudden I just got Very Into Exercise. I found what I enjoyed and I did that! I loved and still do love mixing it up. Different workouts for different days and different moods. I loved and still do love how energetic I feel afterwards and how happy working out makes me feel.

These days there's really something for everyone in terms of exercise and there's really no reason to not find a workout that you love. When you do find something that you love, that really makes you happy, trust me - you will become oh-so-VERY INTO EXERCISE!

I caught up with two of our Vie Activists to get their thoughts on why you should be enjoying your workouts and some tips to make sure you do!
Enjoy!! xoxox Noa 

Find a physical activity that you enjoy doing 2-3 times a week. Don't call it exercise.... let it be a hobby or an activity you enjoy.

Something you look forward to, be it with a new group of people, close friends or individually. 
I find that when you have one or more people involved, you are held accountable to keep showing up on the days you might need a little motivation.
Instead of focus on how many calories you're burning, focus on how much fun you're having, and you'll be shocked at how quickly you start falling in love with your body.
Our bodies are amazing, we just have to be kind to them!
If you love moving, you’ll keep looking for opportunities to do so! Find something that makes you feel good, strong, fit and happy. Do it often and you’ll get the results you want, without even trying.
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  • Margarita: May 10, 2016

    Really, beginning of the days I also hated my workout but after some days I included some unique ways on my daily workout routine and it’s become really interesting. Now, daily early morning I get excited to do my work out to enjoy myself and make my day interesting. Thank to share your workout strategy that is matching with my own.

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